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I invite you to discuss it

Organized by Doctors with Africa Como onlus, we would like to point out the event to be held on 7 May 2022 from 8.45 am to 12.30 pm at the Gloria Cinema in Via Varesina 72, Como. 

The subject of the morning's discussion: the Lombardy Regional Health System (SSR), which for years has taken an alarming drift towards privatization. 

This drift  (go on )

This peculiarity (oriented to the private sector) distances our national health system from the initial intent, from its creation, to be accessible to all: a universal system, which, through the financing of tax revenues, was characterized by the most equitable (who more the more they contribute, the healthier they are - younger - the more they contribute), ranking among the top ten in the world in terms of effectiveness (obtaining a result) and efficiency (obtaining the result with less expense). In this ranking it also surpassed the US one, known for its very high cost and lower overall results than ours, such as the life expectancy of the population.

Abandoning our Italian SSN to go towards a market system means having a worrying similarity with the American one, which is financed precisely with private means, reaching high levels, but destined and usable by a minority that is able to pay the various performance, as well as being expensive.

We would like to reason with you on this drift, which could end up making the Lombardy Regional Government accessible to a minority, probably excluding those who cannot pay for the services. 

And here lies the motivation for our interest. 

Doctors with Africa Como onlus has within itself the mission of remaining close to the least, without any geographical boundaries.

We invited people who contributed to the reading of the evolution of the SSN (Geddes) and SSR (Bonati) in particular to talk about this topic. 

We have also invited people who know the Como healthcare reality, working on it (Consonno, Mercuri) or having worked on it in a very recent past (Ardizzone, Bellone) - see attached poster.

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