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AfroNews April 2023

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Motor vehicle accidents kill more people in Africa than elsewhere - a priority public health problem but all too ignored. 

It was the end of the nineties when we walked the Tanzanian soil with my family. Wife and children had a frightening accident, fortunately without serious consequences and without hospitalizations. The car where my parents were traveling saw a truck appear in its lane, after a nasty hairpin bend, and my wife driving was forced to widen the curve by tumbling down the escarpment (it was a mountainous area, near Mikumi). A few months earlier, another aid worker, blinded by the setting sun, was unable to distinguish in time an abandoned trailer in the lane, without warning signs: the wife and partner of another aid worker died. Stories like this are sadly numbered galore. For a cooperator, the main cause of hospitalization, I learned then, was precisely the traumas of the road. Not to mention when, in Kenya, a bus had an accident: the hospital was immediately alerted and receptive to many people at the same time. 

An article in Le Monde, in January 2023, reported that in 2010 the Decade of Global Action on Road Safety was declared under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly. Ten years later, in February 2020, the Stockholm Declaration highlighted that no low-income country had reduced road death and morbidity rates. Africa has the highest rates. The average mortality rate is estimated at 27.5 per 100,000 inhabitants on the continent, while it is more than three times lower in high-income countries.

Here the complete article: html

At the end of February, the World Health Organization sounded an alarm over the fact that every two minutes a woman dies while pregnant or giving birth to a child. The communication was based on a report published by the United Organizations, Trends in Maternal Mortality, which denounces the stagnation, if not the worsening (Europe and North America and Latin America and the Caribbean) of maternal mortality rates in many countries between 2000 and 2020, with a figure of 287,000 maternal deaths in 2020.

Here is the WHO article: 

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The troubles for the continent seem to have no respite: in Kenya, the diffusion of a new type of mosquito, new for the area, seems to frustrate the efforts and positive results achieved in the fight against malaria, obtained through the extensive use of treated mosquito nets and, last but not least, a promising vaccine.

The news from LeMonde of 15 March, to which we refer. 

In Malawi, a state of disaster was declared after cyclone Freddy passed very slowly over the country, especially in the Blantyre area, not far from Mozambique, where it had claimed victims. The dead now probably amount to over 110. Many areas are in the dark, the crops destroyed. The area where the association operates was not affectedZeromore,known in the Como area.


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We have money for weapons, but we don't have or don't want to spend it on equal access to health for all, just as we don't have money to take in those fleeing countries at war, countries to which we have probably sold arms...

In Italy the export boom has reached 45% more. second only, worldwide, to South Korea. 

Nigeria talks about it: 


African literary production is very lively and productive. Here you will find one hundred book titles published as every year by Brittle Paper (this year for the first time 100 and not fifty), an online magazine for readers of African literature, which aims to involve and convey all those who love literary production African.

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The Senegalese Mouhamed Fall wins the prize for mathematicians of developing countries, conferred by the International Center for Theoretical Physics of Trieste, prize awarded for his work on the theory of partial differential equations.


For a glimpse of this first quarter's art output, tracked from a South African site go to

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