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Next Thursday 2 February, at 9 p.m., the documentary film "Once upon a time in Italy" will be screened at the Spazio Gloria, in via Varesina 72 - Como, with the participation of Vittorio Agnoletto.

It is an initiative promoted by Doctors with Africa Como and ARCI Xanadù.

The film deals with the problem of the dismantling of the National Health System, implemented in recent years. Especially in Lombardy, health care has seen an ever greater involvement of private initiative, with the consequence that those who wish to be treated have to resort more and more frequently to their purse, without a corresponding increase in the quality of care and losing the character of universality (free for all) of the NHS.

The film sees the collaboration of Gavino Maciocco, Marco Geddes, Maria Elisa Sartor, Nicoletta Dentico (many others) well known within the Doctors with Africa Association but also to the Como public, as well as Michael Marmot, former president of the Commission of the World Health Organization for the Social Determinants of Health, a milestone in the consideration of health inequalities.

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