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  • “ (…) The remains of the shipwreck inhabit the coasts of Cutro. Shoes, pants, jackets, life jackets, toys. The cameras focus on the remains of the children. There were were children among the dead, it is said in a low voice. You have to be a child to arouse a little more compassion."

  • Empathy… imagining what the other is feeling or experiencing: already imagining

  • “ (…) Imagining is a creative act that opens the door to the possibility of something new, different.” 

  • It happened in Cutro“A Truman Show, which is valid only from the perspective of those lucky enough to be able to stay out of it, and it is the historical and contingent case, not individual merit, that determines spectators and actors.” 

  • So it's just luck, the reason you, who are reading this, don't suffer those pains and, if it's okay with you, you may well be empathetic, so that your imagination and emotional intelligence can help find fair solutions to these despairs …

  • Read the whole article di Alessandro Corso 

 ...and certainly the European Council is not in hurry (see here)!

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