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We report the words of the parish priest of Botricello (CZ), Don Rosario Morrone, words that speak for themselves:


If it's about making money, you'll kill yourself. Migrants are a price for everyone and we are not capable of humanity. If it was money, everyone would have bothered. The ports must be opened: first we welcome and then we discuss in Europe. Maybe even argue, but first we have to be human.

We have hospitality in our blood. Especially in Calabria. I'm 55, Meloni is 46. I'd like to talk to you about humanity. Salvini is 49 and I would like to talk with him about which Gospel he reads and which Rosary he recites, because mine are different.

The first thing my parishioners said to me was: 'Tell us what we have to give to migrants. If necessary, we bring them to our homes.' Is it ever possible that four people who don't understand humanity affect our lives? I am a parish priest in the suburbs and until yesterday only my parishioners knew me. Now I have the cry of those 27 who said 'help us' and we weren't there.

I do not accuse anyone. But we are capable of building missiles to hit a target down to the millimeter and we are not able to see a route, to follow migrants and to find ships that exceed force 7 at sea. By the way, today they say it is force 3. Because nobody says they are have the patrols of the sea been suspended or have they hindered the NGOs? Are politicians hearing these things?

I've met too many people in my life. We all have humanity. I was a prison chaplain and I say that even the mafiosi have it. Let's make an appeal: let's become human. Among the bodies was a 9-year-old girl. Had she been my daughter, the daughter of Meloni, Salvini or another politician, we would have broken our hearts. Yet there should be no difference. Prayer without love for humanity is a waste of time.

 Politicians should develop thoughts, ideas and strategies but to serve humanity. You are there as servants not as people who have to preen for the seat.

 In my opinion, we have gone down a notch. Even the Communists. Let us remember that the center-left made the agreements with Libya.

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