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Eurostat: applications for international protection are on the rise

According to the latest Eurostat data, unaccompanied minors are on the rise and Syrians are the most numerous nationality. Asylum applications in the European Union are still growing: in January 84,740 presented an application for international protection in the countries of the Union, up by 3% compared to December 2022. Subsequent applicants were 6,715, with an increase of 13 % compared to December.

These numbers, broken down by nationality:

Syria                 12.960

Afghanistan      11.055

Turkey                5.625  

In January, 30,450 visited Germany, 13,520 in France, 10,885 in Spain, 8,415 in Italy and 4,095 in Austria. These countries account for 79 percent of all applications arriving in the Union.

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