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On the evening of Thursday 9 December it was  held a meeting promoted by Amici di Raoul Follereau on the occasion of the completion of their sixty social years, with a topic

“Fundamental rights are  for everyone starting from the last ".  

The evening was attended by a small audience (COVID, snow, Christmas holidays: but is it legitimate to stop reflecting?) But certainly interested. The aim of the evening was not only celebratory, but the organizers proposed to put the different Como realities (see below list) around a public table that work in favor of what is stated in the topic. Doctors with Africa Como also participated, as expected, since closeness to the last ones is declared in its mission (link to the mission) . From the intervention of the national president of AIFO, Antonio Lissoni, it was possible to deduce how the association not only has projects (50 all over the world) in the field of health, but also deals with social recovery. Raoul Follereau, French journalist and poet, founder and inspirer of AIFO, had dedicated his life to the fight against leprosy, a consequence of poverty and prejudice, and to the protection from other leprosy as a consequence of poverty, injustice and prejudice. In his actions he did not forget the attempt to recover the society of his clients. And so continues AIFO, employing the healed, adequately trained, for a work of empowerment and a sort of peer education .

Doctors with Africa Como, precisely in order to network and create a concrete opportunity to work in favor of the least, will organize an event in February , where we will discuss the reform of the Lombardy regional health system, to understand if this maneuver again expose the last to a move away from free access to health, and think about ways to counter this trend, all with the help of the other local associations concerned.

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Leonardo Argentieri, AIFO Regional Coordinator  ;  Andrea Quadroni, Journalist;  Antonio Lissoni, President of AIFO; Stefano Simoni, Head of AIFO Brazil (remotely); Erminia Grisoni, ASCI contact person Don Guanella ; Fabio Cani, spokesperson for Como without Borders ;  Gianpaolo Rosso, President of Arci Como ;  Laura Tettamanti, Telefono Donna Manager;  Marta Pezzati, President Como Welcomes ;  Stefano Sosio, Symploke Manager;  Don Giusto delle Valle, San Martino Rebbio Parish

for Doctors with Africa Como, the President.

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