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To NOT remain silent on the tragedies of others ...

Not long ago (first ten days of this August 2022) Zanotelli's letter on the silence that the press usually maintains on the African continent was circulated again.

Even if in a very amateur way and therefore with an inconsistent periodicity, attention to African events has always been a mandate of our site, of Doctors with Africa Como.

It is necessary to know, because immigrants from the African world continue to arrive, to know that there are numerous dramatic, if not tragic, situations.

Dramas and tragedies that would be for all of us, now wealthy, a reason to get up and seek fortune even in distant countries and where we know we are unwanted.

Certainly it is not enough to deal with misfortunes and the like, Doctors with Africa Como selects news on a 360-degree field, to grasp as much as possible the various aspects of life on the African continent.

We are very happy to comply in revising the article by Father Zanotelli that appeared in Mosaico di Pace in 2017 and resumed again in 2019 in Focus on Africa. The occasion of this latest recovery, 2022, is on the occasion of the anniversary of the peace accords for the civil war in Mozambique in the 90s, held in Maputo in August and which also saw the participation of Cardinal Zuppi.

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