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Pope Francesco
and three founding ideas
health care

Saturday, June 4, 2022 Pope Francis welcomed the Federsanita executives (see note on this at the bottom) and addressed them with a heartfelt speech that indicates three important elements / tools so that the policy of the Federsanita management group can continue on its way to " maintain the relationship between center and periphery, between small and large, weaving relationships and promoting paths of social-health and social-welfare integration. ".

A path that Doctors with Africa Como onlus fully shares and tries to propose in its territory together with other realities sensitive to the maintenance of the right to care for everyone. A stage of this journey was the last conference on 7 May, organized to raise awareness of citizens, users and professionals on the privatization of the SSR in progress in Lombardy (“Health: a right for everyone?” - you can find comments on this here ).

The three tools to which the Pope refers are proximity, wholeness and the common good, that is to see Man in every patient, see him in his entirety (holistic medicine, from olos in Greek: complete, whole) and good usable by all without distinction. How can we not find ourselves? But here is the document of the speech.

Note on Federsanità:

What are we talking about when we refer to Federsanità? We take from the site itself:

Federsanità is the Confederation of regional Anci Federsanità (article 27 Anci Statute) which associates the Local Health Authorities, Hospitals and the Irccs together with the representatives of the Municipalities associated with the regional Anci of reference.

  • Promote actions and policies aimed at promoting social-health and social-assistance integration paths strongly oriented towards a new concept of patient “taking charge” based on proximity, proactivity, personalization, participation.

  • Promote guidelines, coordination and support for the activities of the associated bodies; foster the most effective synergy between health authorities and municipalities to strengthen the representation of companies and municipalities in relations with the state and regions in order to contribute to public decisions in health and social matters; activate the necessary relationships and comparisons with the state and regional bodies, with institutions, political forces and social partners to contribute to the development of the quality and effectiveness of national and local social, health and social welfare integration services; promote study and training initiatives.

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