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on the side of the most fragile

Primary Medicine has long been the closest to the most fragile people: the family doctor sees among his tasks that of listening and accompanying you through the sometimes incomprehensible meanders of healthcare.  current, especially when a discriminating factor is the possibility of resorting to the private sector, for a fee, as the Lombardy Region seems to have chosen. The most vulnerable see their ability to cure themselves erode because to get an answer from the health system you have to put your purse in your hand. Many therefore decide to forgo the treatment. GPs have always been close to their patients, regardless of their ability to pay (ours is a health system that is financed by taxes, but in the region they do not seem to grasp this aspect).

Now the reform of the Lombard system reform plans to entrust home care to private individuals as well.  

Meanwhile the pandemic erodes with  a lot of paperwork and administrative procedures the time that a family doctor devotes to direct assistance. Who pays the consequences? The most fragile, the sick, who, as it happens, are in large numbers among the less well-off. Dr. Nessi has written an open letter to his President of the Order asking them to try to remedy at least the administrative-bureaucratic burden that risks making the already poor Lombard basic medicine fail again. We publish the letter here and whoever wishes to subscribe  can address an email to


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