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Justice for the Children of Africa

In today's issue, February 20, 2022 of "La Repubblica", an article by Giorgio Parisi, Nobel laureate in physics appears, which reports the appeal of other Nobel laureates and Leaders for Children with the evocative title of Justice for the children of Africa. (follows below)


It reminds you how, in 2021, the most important United Nations organizations for Labor and Children (ILO and UNICEF) recorded the highest number of children dedicated to work: well over 164 million of which over half in Sub-Saharan Africa).  

It mentions the fact that the pandemic has dramatically accentuated poverty inequalities in the world, plunging almost all African countries back into extreme poverty.

Africa faces its first economic recession in over twenty-five years.  

It draws your attention to the fact that during this pandemic the International Monetary Fund donated around 2000 dollars per European child and only 64 dollars per African child.

An appeal is therefore made to the western and wealthy rulers to provide for filling this void, which the African continent suffers heavily, and therefore to favor and finance direct social protection for African children, given that this instrument of direct child support has given results.

More information in the article: 

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