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What remains of the May 7 Conference "Health a right for all?"


There were many echoes about the conference organized by our Association Doctors with Africa Como onlus on 7 May on the drift of the Lombardy Regional Health System towards further privatization. It would mean, as reiterated by the speakers themselves, from the comments in the room (almost a hundred participants) and from the consent emails, of a further difficulty in benefiting from adequate treatment by those who cannot afford treatment because it is only accessible for a fee.

We report a press comment, Ecoinformazioni, which can be accessed in full from this link:  :

“… It took the Doctors with Africa from Como with their global point of view to be able to tell the sad local story of Lombardy healthcare. Many people attended the Gloria on 7 May morning, but still fewer than the depth of the analyzes and the availability of data provided would have deserved ... "

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The conference was also an opportunity to establish a starting point to try to help those in difficulty of economic resources to heal themselves, perhaps by creating alternative paths and activities, controlled or even free.

At the moment the work of the partners follows this path, looking for allies and partners who share our objectives and hypotheses for realization.

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