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The meetings were also an opportunity to reaffirm the foundations of Doctors with Africa (existing since 1950 in Padua), that is an international health cooperation that is aimed at and careful to build together, build skills, awareness and trust (empowerment & capacity building for English speakers), emphasizing building together with the main actors, the locals. This means collaborating for the maintenance and support of the local National Health Systems, unlike what is happening now in Lombardy, where the NHS seems to be increasingly suffering in the name of a self-styled efficiency, in reality a transformation into a profit machine (concept effectively summarized by Don Dante with the exclamation: "Let's keep this SSN tight!").
Both meetings were very much appreciated by those present. A nice comment from a participant was: “(omitted) Very beautiful and interesting evening. An unexpected journey into true Africa, transported by the enthusiasm and empathy of Don Dante whom we thank again. "
On the Ecoinformazioni Como website ( it is possible to see the meeting in the Como version.

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