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Discrimination of migrants

from today's Press Review of today's Corriere

Read also here.

Maurizio Ambrosini, professor at the University of Milan and a scholar of migration, always commenting su Avvenire, the proclaimed "sacralization of borders", emphasizes that "there are no human rights or international conventions that hold, in the face of the desire to reaffirm a claim of absolute sovereignty over the territory. It is an idea and a language of the past. Seventy-five years of strenuous post-war conquests have gradually limited and counterbalanced national sovereignty, recognizing universal principles and people's rights, as in the case of asylum seekers and refugees, sanctioned by international conventions that limit the power of signatory states." After recalling the numbers already mentioned by Alessandro Trocino in this Review (the overwhelming majority of migrants do not arrive on NGO ships, Italy welcomes fewer asylum seekers than Germany, France and Spain), concludes: "The real problem, and the possible solution, however, does not consist in bouncing refugees from a Country to another, as if they were hazardous waste to be dumped in the neighbor's field. Let us look at the solution introduced for Ukrainian refugees: freedom of movement and settlement in the place of their choice. The failure to adopt the same civil measure for refugees from other wars, who arrived from the sea and with darker skin, is unjustifiable ”.

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