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On 4 May, an evening was held in Albate for the Union of Cooperative Circles with the subject of the drift of the Lombardy regional health system, but also of Italy. Among the various speakers, our former president and general practitioner, Dr. Italo Nessi.

The topic, as mentioned many times by this site, is tragically a problem, as the Italian health system slides towards an overbearing privatization, with the silent assent of all of us.

If you were the subject of a visceral perforation from peritonitis in the United States, perhaps as an inexperienced tourist, without robust and expensive travel insurance, you would probably now be asking the banks in your home for information, so that they can grant you a mortgage to cover your health costs for surgery and convalescence. Provided you can then cope with it, otherwise you will be doomed to poverty.

This seems to be the future that lies ahead for our NHS, increasingly oriented towards the American model.

Read here and/or listen to the speeches

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