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  • We support and operate in clinics for refugees and marginalized people.

  • We provide for Education in Solidarity in the High Schools of the Province; School of Human Rights.

  • We hold training courses for immigrants in collaboration with other bodies in the province

  • We teach Global Health, Right to Health, Immigration Medicine at the Faculties of Medicine of Insubria, Bicocca and State of Milan.

  • We promote campaigns and social interventions in collaboration with Bodies and Associations of Como (Order of Doctors, Municipality, Province, CISV, Coordination of Peace, CRI, ACLI, ...) to support the right to health for all, especially in these times in which decreases the number of Italian and non-Italian people who can afford to be treated.

  • We spread the knowledge of African Culture (thematic meetings with African speakers, intercultural shows).

  • Through sports and hobby initiatives, photographic exhibitions and the like, we raise funds to support health projects, developed by Doctors with Africa CUAMM.

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