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Remembering Gigi

In 1997 Gigi was among those who trembled to be able to realize their desire to help those who live in poverty of means, both for food and for treatment. This is how, in the midst of a group of doctors who had returned from African countries, he decided to commit himself in the Como area to spread the idea of solidarity and raise funds for the NGO that continued health activities in some African countries, Doctors with Africa, which then had the name of CUAMM

His was a constant presence, sometimes silent, sometimes imperious, above all when he had to call the group to coherence in its intentions.

He was an invaluable presence, for his competence between budgets to balance in form and substance, above all because his fellow travelers, health care workers, were unaccustomed, disoriented and, really, "lost" in the maze of finance, even if of a low level and reduced needs, as requested to our Association.

Life didn't spare him tragic moments, but he never lost tenacity and desire to support those who had to experience almost daily tragedies due to lack of funds, such as in African countries, which friends of the group told him about.

His absence has now become one more reason to try to continue on the path undertaken and thatMungu akubariki(as they would say in Tanzania).

Hi Gigi.


For Dora, who stays with us:

Alessandro D'Avenia, in his book "The art of being fragile", tells us a truth discovered through Giacomo Leopardi to whom the book is co-dedicated:

The solution to pain is within life itself: opening up to pain and inhabiting it, like a room in our heart (…) You recounted the same loneliness, but you didn't flee it, you stayed and gave that pain a direction, you gave it shape and a home of words, because it is formless pain that crushes man.”

Here we are, Dora. A hug.


The individual dies forever, but has somehow scratched death (i.e. strusted nature) if it has contributed to this march of humanity, to the task of solidarity

pfor the construction of a world

just, peaceful, equal.

Telmo Pievani - Finitudes

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