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The recent events concerning migrations, which have Italy as their destination, have proved to be increasingly unjust, if not inhumane: announced tragedies, certainly avoidable, the result of wicked and disrespectful choices of the human being. Choices of this government, but also of the one that preceded it.

As members of an Association that refers to a Non Governmental Organization (CUAMM) we feel particularly harmed by the government choices with the latest decree of 23 February (refer to this link to find out more, ); but not only for this decree, but also for the hypocrisy of those who proclaim they do not want immigrants and claim to help them at home. 

We have been helping them at home for over twenty years (CUAMM more than double), but they have to explain to us why the money promised in international offices (0.7% of the budget for development cooperation, a long time ago) they never arrived with those proportions, indeed, further impoverished.

We are opening a section dedicated to Migrants, precisely because there is more and more unworthy information circulating.

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