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Professor Enrico Galiano, a well-known writer, remarkably showed his indignation at the current conduct of the government, in particular Piantedosi, in the face of the problem and facts of migration.

An absolutely shareable indignation. Also the fault of silence.


“I'll tell him tomorrow what you did.

I will enter the classroom and read to my students the statements of the minister who said:

"I wouldn't leave if I were desperate because I was brought up to be responsible".

I'm going to read them and sit there and listen to what they have to say. They are twelve years old, my students. And it is right that they know.

They will see for themselves that you have arrested those who wanted to save people.

That you have written and said horrendous things, that your soul is dirty with words that no one can erase.

I'll tell them you forced into port the ships that could have saved them.

I'll tell you, you've been using people's lives for years to get four more votes.

I'll tell him what you did.

What did we do, actually. Because we are all responsible.

I'll tell you the ones that were before weren't that different, they just knew how to hide it better.

And send me the Digos, send whoever you want, take away my professorship, my class.

In the end, that's all you know how to do: use force against the weakest. Don't even try with the really strong ones.

Suspend me too: I want to be able to tell my daughter, when she grows up and sees what has been happening these days, these years, when she asks me where I was, I want the pride of being able to answer her, head held high: on the other side" .

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