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We want here to spread the track / presentation that Dr. Dante Clerici, our Vice President,  uses in his reports on "Migrations", in the context of teaching Global Health, which our group has been implementing for over twenty years.

The presentation, modulated according to the audience - sometimes high school students, sometimes adults from the most disparate realities of the Third Sector, more frequently students of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, Obstetrics, Uninsubria and Bicocca, not least colleagues from various hospitals - reflects a path of evolution also of the problems addressed. 

Above all, it does not want to be a list of pathologies (in reality not very consistent, whatever people say), not even for professionals, health workers, but rather wants to convey a message of knowledge of the different realities that make up the "migration" phenomenon, emphasizing an attitude of availability and curious listening to diversity.

The presentation is not covered by copyright and has been kindly granted for dissemination. 

We sincerely thank…:

Thanks Dante!

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