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The TRIPS of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regulate property rights and patents.

South Africa and India have now proposed an exception to this agreement to the WTO. This could mean that each state could produce the vaccines themselves, saving time, money and availability. Almost one hundred countries already support this initiative, which could tackle the already evident inequalities: South Africa, a country with not insignificant economic resources, will start vaccinations on 25 February. The other less well-off countries will be in the queue, well away from the start time of the vaccination campaign.

The derogation of the TRIPs is an important and elementary step in this direction.

The World Health Organization has drawn up a declaration urging states and the entire world community to work to ensure that everyone can be vaccinated, without adding additional costs and, above all soon and now, starting with health workers.

The priority of access to health must return to the first places in the aims and interests of the world, well beyond the enormous revenues of the pharmaceutical companies.


Here the link to the Declaration, at the bottom of it you will find the box to put your signature / name.

H ui if you wish to read the text of the declaration in Italian .

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